OTB Networking Pricing and Ordering Information

$159 yr
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    • Webpage setup
    • Webpage design
    • Video integration
    • Hosting
    • Limited support (email support only)
    • Limited changes (1 time every 2 months)
    $239 yr
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      • Webpage setup
      • Webpage design
      • Video integration
      • Yearly hosting
      • No worry solution that will work on any device (cellphone, tablet, or computer)
      • Directory listing on CharlotteBizGroup.com with your info & new web page link.
      • Unlimited support (no limit phone and email support)
      • Unlimited changes (no limit)
      • MailChimp Autoresponder integration (monthly report)
      • Promotion of your website to our online network of 100,000 people

      The simple steps to get started include...

      1. Select and pay for the level ABOVE that you would like by clicking the "Order Here" button for the particular level you want.

      2. Fill out the quick form at the bottom of this page with your name & email.

      3. Choose a layout option by clicking here

      4. Provide the content information for your page preferably in HTML or in a Word document emailed to Support@Otbnetworking.com

      5. Optional: Provide the link to your Youtube video.

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      Feel free to contact us at Support@OtbNetworking.com or call (704)840-4137 with questions.